MDPlanner R7

MD Planner-R7
MDPlanner R7

Home aesthetic beauty device combining the latest technology

Applying the latest Bipolar Radio Frequency technologes, it generates deep heat deep in the skin to make skin elastic and healthy by promoting skin protein production and absorbing nutrients.
Experience 10 minutes miracle everyday.

MDPlanner R7 Function

High frequency generates deep heat, which increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin, making it a resilient skin.

Near-infrared ray penetrates deeply into the skin to improve blood circulation and activate skin cells, making it clear and healthy.

It delivers active ingredients of cosmetics to skin deeply and makes it healthy and clear.

LED Light Therapy

It gives synergy effect by applying RED LED to help skin elasticity.

(-) ion removes wastes in the pores out of the skin, thereby improving the dull skin.

MDPlanner R7 Composition

Nutricare MDPlanner R7 Composition

Mode Details

The reason of dull skin is waste! Improve skin clarity by eliminating the skin waste

Improve skin tone by infusing pure Vitamin C deep into the skin

The dull skin is due to lack of skin nutrition! Brighten the skin tone by helping the absortion of active ingredients

The reason of skin sagging is loss of elasticity! The deep heat from Radio-frequency improves sagging skin by promoting skin protein.

[Function] Ion, Blue LED, Near-infrared ray
[Time/Number of Use] 3 mins per use / 2-3 times per week

[Function] Ion, Yellow LED, Near-infrared ray
[Time/Number of Use]3 mins per use / 2-3 times per week

[Function] RF, Ion, Yellow LED, Near-infrared ray
[Time/Number of Use] 7 mins per use / 2-3 times per week

[Function] RF, Ion, Red LED, Near-infrared ray
[Time/Number of Use]7 mins per use / 2-3 times per week

ISO & Other Certifications

How to Use

Select Level
How to Select Level Image

[ Power On ]
Fully charge the device before use. Press the power button to start the device.

[ Mode/Level Selection ]
Choose the desired mode among C, V, B, and L.
C : (-) Ion + Blue LED + NIR
V : (-) Ion + Yellow LED + NIR
B : (+) Ion + Yellow LED + RF + NIR
L : (+)(-) Ion + Red LED + RF + NIR
select the desired level using the level controller, and start the massage.
(If you want intensive treatment, select the desired mode and massage once more.)

[ Power Off ]
After finishing the massage, turn off the power and clean up the device for keeping it.

How to Massage

Step 1. Neck/Decollete

Massage gently from the collarbone to the chin as pulling it up.

Step 2. Chin

Massage gently from the chin to the back of a ear as pulling it up.

Step 3. Cheek/Nose

Massage around the mouth from chin to philtrum. Massage in a circle from nose to crow’s feet as pulling it up.

Step 4. around Eye/Forehead

Gently massage around eyes. Gently massage from the middle of brows to the crow’s feet following with the brow line. Softly massage the forehead to the left and right.

· Nourishes or wrinkles the face. After applying the product, massage slowly while feeling the warmth.
· Apply a nurishing or anti-wrinkle cream to your face and massage slowly while feeling the warmth.
· We recommend starting with Level 1 to find the appropriate level of yours.
· LEDs do not cause any significant damage to the eyeballs, but we recommend that you do not stare or look directly.