MDPlanner E3

MD Planner-E3
MDPlanner E3

Simple but Perfect Facial Muscle Training

The latest technology, EMS, is applied to skin care device to lift skin muscles and to complete elastic skin and V-line jaw lines.

MDPlanner E3 Function

It applies four muscle movements system from low frequency to medium frequency (instead of single frequency), and it improves skin elasticity by tightening the drooping muscles under the skin.

(+) / (-) ions alternate every 1 second, and deliver the active ingredient of cosmetics to the skin deeply, making the skin moist and healthy.

MDPlanner E3 Composition

MDPlanner E3

Skin Muscle Lifting Program

ISO & Other Certifications

How to Use

Power On/Off Image

[ Power ON ]
Open the battery cover and put AA battery into the device.
Turn on the power by clicking power button.

[ Mode/Level Selection ]
1. Choose the desired level by clicnking the power button, and start the massage.
(Each time you click the power button, Week(On) -> Mild -> Strong -> Off)
2. If you want intensive treatment, select the desired level and massage once more.
EMS Therapy: Five muscle exercises have skin muscle lifting effect.

[ Power OFF ]
After finishing the massage, turn off the power and clean up the device for keeping it.

How to Massage

Step 1. Neck/Decollete

Massage gently from the collarbone to the chin as pulling it up.

Step 2. Chin

Massage gently from the chin to the back of a ear as pulling it up.

Step 3. Cheek/Nose

Massage around the mouth from chin to philtrum. Massage in a circle from nose to crow’s feet as pulling it up.

Step 4. around Eye/Forehead

Gently massage around eyes. Gently massage from the middle of brows to the crow’s feet following with the brow line. Softly massage the forehead to the left and right.

· EMS helps excercising your muscles through electrical stimulation, so you can feel stimulation.
· We recommend starting with Level 1 to find the appropriate level of yours.