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Electronic Slow Juicer


Electronic Slow Juicer NUTRICARE CO., LTD HAJC03 High speed juicer or mixer destroys the taste, color and nutrition of vegetable or ruits, and expels much of foods (60% loss) before extracting the juice To maintain taste and nutrition as it is, Cooksense slow juicer gently press and crush foods with 47rpm slow speed pressing method. [...]

Electronic Slow Juicer2019-02-20T14:54:31+09:00

Portable hydrogen maker (Handy)


Portable hydrogen maker (Handy) NUTRICARE CO., LTD WCAW09 430ml Great portable size of the hydrogen water. Hydrogen water is the water containing rich in hydrogen. It is the new concept of water, which help remove free radicals that might cause various diseases. The water is made with small particles, so it is easy to be [...]

Portable hydrogen maker (Handy)2017-05-15T15:46:38+09:00

Natural Mineral Gravity Water System


Natural Mineral Gravity Water System NUTRICARE CO., LTD WCAW03 253(W) x 278(D) x 478(H) mm Weight 4 Kg [Characteristics] Filtration Ceramic Filter or Micro Filter removes impurities such rust fluid, dregs, sediments, other foreign substance in water. Ceramic Filter is suitable to be in the area of using normal chlorinated tap water, ground water, rain [...]

Natural Mineral Gravity Water System2017-05-15T15:40:35+09:00

Bubbling Shower


Bubbling Shower NUTRICARE CO., LTD WCSH05 The bubble shower head can adjust water strength and offer 3 types of filters that is exchangeable. Also, the micro bubble from bubblin shower head helps clearly wash off foreign substance and wastes on the skin. It will make your skin to be elastic and moisture. Also, the negative [...]

Bubbling Shower2019-02-20T16:26:36+09:00



WP-2700 NUTRICARE CO., LTD WCAW05 Detailed Product Description People can easily drink alkaline ionizer water at home, work, school, etc.Benefits 1. Alkaline water makes water good to the body. Alkaline reducing water, which is generated by the natural circulation method with natural minerals (materials which are safety and effectiveness have been certified by KFDA) and [...]


Desk top Antioxidant water


Desk top  Antioxidant water NUTRICARE CO., LTD WCWP05 ① Pre-Filter  Pre-filter aids carbon block functions to effectively filter suspended solids such as rust residues, mud, and sand larger than 5㎛(51000㎜) ② Carbon Block  Carbon block filter made with compressed activated carbon and uniform and micro pore filters. Suspended solids, residual chlorine, unpleasant taste and odor [...]

Desk top Antioxidant water2017-05-15T11:25:49+09:00