About Nutricare

 Natural Innovation of beauty & health 

Where the innovative beauty begins.
Through “Beauty & Health Innovation System” that combines Technology-Beauty-Health by precise trend analysis, we will grow into the
global beauty & health leader company that creates new experiences and value for customers and improves their lives.

Certificate of Designation

Small Giant Company of Korea

Our Vision

OEM/ODM partner in trust
We are the world’s No.1 ODM/OEM company leading the rapidly growing beauty & health market,
supplying the best products to the major customers.


Nutricare’s Philosophy

The true value of Beauty & Health
The true value for BEAUTY & HEALTH from NUTRICARE

Beauty filled with technology “Beauty Innovation”
With the realization of “Health Revolution” that considers health first by natural phytonutrients,
we realize true beauty and healthy life that creates new experience and value for our customers through the
business philosophy that contains both physical beauty and inner beauty.