Electronic Slow Juicer


High speed juicer or mixer destroys the taste, color and nutrition of vegetable or ruits, and expels much of foods (60% loss) before extracting the juice

To maintain taste and nutrition as it is, Cooksense slow juicer gently press and crush foods with 47rpm slow speed pressing method.

– Easy single squeeze filter
– 5 Step safety devices
– Double edge ULTEM screw
– Excellent juicing performance even with lot of fiber vegetable
– Real motor slow speed 47 rpm
– Reduction ratio 371
– Additional sauce making function
– Easy disassemble or assemble

• Cutting-edge double edge ULTEM screw
– New material from GE for airplane, aero ship
– Anti-biotic, deodorizing, sanitary, heat-resistance, easy to clean
• Semi-permanent 3step reduction induction motor.
– The nation’s maximum motor power, 371
– less noise, less vibration

Economic Analysis
• Slow speed masticating and pressing juicing method
• Maximize nutrients in juice while eliminating useless pulps difficult to digest

Multi Function
• 2in1 function & Auto Clean Systems
– Juicing and Sauce making multi-function.
– Easy clean system

• Excellent digestion absorption rate or time
– Digestion absorption rate 17% in taking as it is 68% in slow juice type
– Digestion absorption time 3~5hour in chewing as it is 10 ~ 15 minutes in taking slow juice

• For assembly and disassembly (Order of assembly and disassembly)
– Assembly Attach the container to the closing direction (Clockwise) of container grip part on the main body. Install the Rotaiting brush → Extracion Net→ Screw and assemble the lid of the container completely to the closing direction (Clockwise) of container grip part.
– Disassembly Disassemble the container lid by turning to opening direction (Counterclockwise) and separate the main body and container. Clean it with brush and keep it after complete drying.※ Make sure attach according to the assembly order surely because
the assembled container set can not be attached on main body.• How to put the material for operation
– The material shall be put slowly because cook sense juicer revolves 47times per minute. It is not overloaded and squeezing properly when the hard or sticky fiber is cut into small pieces.※ The reverse button shall be pressed for 2~5 seconds before disassembly after use and it will be opened when it is disassembled after removing the leftover with normal direction operation.• In case of stop during operation
– It can be created by putting big quantity of hard and sticky fiber material comparing to the RPM or material is jammed in between the screw and juice strainer. Press the stop button and press the reverse button 3~5 seconds and start it again with button for normal direction. (It can be repeated in 2~3 times.)• When the container lid is not opened after operation
– It is due to from the fact in paragraph 3. Press the reverse button 2~3 times and start it in normal direction to remove the leftover completely and it will be opened smoothly.• How to prepare the material
– Hard stuff (Carrot, beat, radish and sweet potato etc.)
▷ It is proper to cut straight in 2 cm of thickness.
(Ex It is proper to prepare carrot in 8 equal straight.
– Material of sticky fiber (Angelica)
▷ The leaves and stem of angelica shall be divided and the stem shall be cut in 2cm.
– How to prepare fruit
▷ It is good to cut into many pieces after washing according to the size of input hole and it is good to remove the seeds when they are big and hard (Peach, mango and jujube).
– The hard grains (Bean, red bean and lentil) shall be used after soaking into the water. It will be a reason for overloading or damage on the machine.