Detailed Product Description
People can easily drink alkaline ionizer water at home, work, school, etc.Benefits
1. Alkaline water makes water good to the body.
Alkaline reducing water, which is generated by the natural circulation method with natural minerals (materials which are safety and effectiveness have been certified by KFDA) and a natural catalyst, makes good water by enhancing the anti-oxidation (SOD) function removing activated oxygen (oxygen free radical) that is a hindering factor of health due to even distribution of minerals and abundant generation of hydrogen.2. Alkaline water is convenient and economical.
The development and production of portable alkaline reducing water products manufactured by new materials and new technologies, portable alkaline reducing water bottles and sticks made them easy to use, and alkaline reducing water can be drunken easily now with little burden of prices, compared with electrolysis ion water generators.3. Alkaline water makes refreshing feeling good.
Reduction power activated by the natural circulation reaction and fast absorption due to small clusters (dense water) makes waste discharged fast. And abundant minerals make the taste of water soft, heightening refreshing feeling.4. Alkaline water generates abundant hydrogen.
Alkaline reducing water, in which hydrogen is generated abundantly, is hygienic due to strong anti-oxidation power and microbial resistance. In particular, it can be used with an easy conscience as a medical material generator for home use that helps improve symptoms of the stomach (chronic diarrhea, indigestion, abnormal fermentation in the stomach, excessive acid in the stomach.)