Under sink  Ultra Filtration


Sediment (5um)
This filter removes suspended solids such as rust residues, mud and sand larger than 5 um.Carbon Block Filter (1um)
This filter made with compressed activated carbon. The micro pores of filter remove suspended solids, residual chlorine, unpleasant taste and odor and heavy metals.

Ultra Filtration Membrane (0.01~0.1um)
Physically removes pathogenic germs thereby providing healthy water for drinking.
This filter removes all alien substances smaller than 0.01 ~0.04 microns including general bacteria and colitis germs, but passes healthy mineral.

Alkaline and Antioxidant water filter
Alkaline ceramic increases pH of water, elutes minerals with calcium, and makes the taste of good water. And, magnetite ceramics make it possible to keep water for a long time as they restrain the oxidizing power of water and increase the reducing power.
Functional Filter composed of 99.9% pure magnesium and alkaline ceramic balls play the role of increasing pH of water and lowering oxidation-reduction potential.

Easy to Change
Filter cartridge are easy to change.
The rotation system allows the filter change without using any tools.
No plumber or expert is needed.Automatic Water Shut Off
The filter system has an integrated automatic water stop.
As soon as the filter is plugged off the adapter,
the water flow will shut off automatically

Clip Function-Space Saving
Because of the clip function of the filter system,
there is no extra space needed for under the sink installation.
The filter can be easily changed

Encapsulated Filter
This filter allows a clean and safe filtration process without contamination from the outside.
The high quality filter media allow for an extraordinary clean and safe filter performance.