This is a brand developed to realize the motto of safer and healthier well-being life by sterilizing various harmful bacteria that threaten our health in houses, offices, and other shared living spaces.

1. If water molecules are electrolyzed, hydroxide (OH-) is formed.
* Hydroxide (OH-): An eco-friendly bactericide with higher oxidizing power than ozone.

2. Hydroxide(OH-) combines with hydrogen cation, component of cell membranes of bacteria.

3. Hydrogen cation (H+), cell membrane of bacteria, and hydroxide (OH-) combine to be reduced to water (H20), and bacteria whose cell membranes were destructed die.

Riazero S is an eco-friendly patented item that changes tap water into sterilized water, kills harmful bacteria around us, keeps living spaces clean, removes harmful bacteria and foreign substances parasitic on man, has excellent effect on health and beauty improvements, and eliminates agricultural chemicals and residual detergents.

Various Applications

1. Removal of Pesticides
Decompose agricultural chemicals, and heavy metals from vegetables and fruits to remove poisons.

2. Sterilizing and Washing Kitchen
Remove bad smells from the sink, and the drain with simple sterilization without the cumbersome boiling of chopping boards, knives, and dishcloths.

3. Sterilizing Bathrooms
Remove harmful bacteria such as molds, and E. coli, and bad smells from bathrooms.

4. Sterilizing and Washing Sea Products and Meat
Perfectly kill salmonellae, E. coli, and other bacteria causing food poisoning, and effectively remove fishy smells.

5. Sterilizing Shoes and Shoe Racks
Completely remove molds and harmful bacteria causing bad smells from shoes.

6. Sterilizing and Washing Humidifiers
Remove harmful bacteria from the inside of humidifiers and indoor spaces.

7. Sterilizing Pets
Remove harmful insects and bad smells from pets, cure their skin diseases, and keep them healthy

8. Sterilizing and Washing Mattresses and Sofas
Completely remove allergens such as harmful dust mites, and molds from mattresses, carpets, and sofas.

9. Sterilizing Plants and Trees
Make plants and trees grow healthy by killing aphid and other harmful insects.

10. Sterilizing Baby and Kids Products
Nursing bottles, and baby products and toys difficult to boil can be reused without worries about endocrine disruptors after soaking them in the sterilized water.

Users of this product can get sterilized water with round cup or square cup (household vessels are allowed), depending on circumstances.

1. After connecting the power adapter to the jack, assemble and connect the power cable to the power supply.

2. If round cup is used, combine the cut with the water sterilization cartridge on its top*, and fill the cup with water. (The water sterilization cartridge may be used with it on the main body, or separately.

3. To use square cup is used, fill the cup with water, and put the water sterilization cartridge in the cup. (Arrange the cartridge to reach the bottom of the vessel, and to be horizontality. If the cartridge is on water surface, or not horizontality, it can cause reduced production of sterilized water.)

4. If the start button is pressed once, the operation time indicator is lighted for one minute, and the production of sterilized water starts. (Since water sterilized up to 99.9 % is produced in one minute, you can use it right away, or select 5 or 10 minutes, depending on circumstances.)

5. The operation time indicator is lighted for one minute, if the start button is pressed once for the first time, 5 minutes, if pressed 2 times, and 10 minutes, if pressed 3 times, and the power is turned off, if pressed 4 times.

6. This product displays maximum performance if the tap water is used, and purified water may drop in sterilization.

7. Since excessively cold or hot water can interfere with the production of sterilized water, causing the failure of the machine, do not use it.

8. Do not operate the water sterilization cartridge while water is not contained. (Otherwise, it does not operate normally, and a mechanical failure of the machine may occur.)