Natural Mineral Gravity Water System


253(W) x 278(D) x 478(H) mm Weight 4 Kg

Ceramic Filter or Micro Filter removes impurities such rust fluid, dregs, sediments, other foreign substance in water.
Ceramic Filter is suitable to be in the area of using normal chlorinated tap water, ground water, rain water and river water. Micro Filter is suitable to be used in the area of using normal chlorinated tap water.

Purifying Filter removes harmful substances to human body such as residual chlorine, pigments, odors, color,
detergents, carcinogen like THMs, agricultural chemicals, heavy metals and other impurities.

Comac, a compound of Coral sand, Bio-Mineral stone and silver impregnated Mineral stone, has excellent functions to sterilize bacteria and colities germs, absorb heavy metals, neutralize poison, enhance oxygen contents and activate water. Consequently it maintains water fresh for a long time and provides you more fresh mineral water with good taste, plenty oxygen and pH balance.
Comac has additional functions to improve water taste, enhance essential mineral ingredients in water such as Ge, Ca, Mg, and others.

Water turns into the magnetized water contained magnetic power by passing through the powerful magnetic field between N and S pole. It has more abundant oxygen and hexagonal shape molecule contents than ordinary water. it is also said to vitalize celluar tissue of human body, and be the most effective to promote health prevent geriatrkc disease like arteriosclerosis. The Magnetized Mineral Water Purifier generates fresh and clean magnetized mineral water by powerful Nd magnetic device.