Bubbling Shower


The bubble shower head can adjust water strength and offer 3 types of filters that is exchangeable.
Also, the micro bubble from bubblin shower head helps clearly wash off foreign substance and wastes on the skin.
It will make your skin to be elastic and moisture.
Also, the negative ion that is created when micro bubble bursted helps to recovery fatigue.
– Bubble Dial Beautiful chrome dial serves you the best bubbles upon your own choice.
– FRELLE Logo  High class chrome brand logo matched with your hath quality.
– Showerhead Grip  Specially rounded design to give better grip for handling.
– Spray Dial  Spray power control(3 steps)gives much more brisk shower with stronger stream on your preference(3 times better and 3m higger than before), and easy to wash your shower room.
– Potter coating  Luxury ceramic mood coating matches with stylish chrome plated Bubble Dial.
– Soft Feeling Coating  Soft but nor slippery feeling of grip gives you more pleasant shower.